By Madison Lattner | Staff Writer

Derek Fisher slides home safely on a patch of very expensive World Series Dirt. (Houston Chronicle)

Every year, crazed baseball fans come out to cheer on their teams in hopes that their favorite will go on to the World Series.

In this year’s World Series, the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in game seven with a 5-1 win. The Astros received their much-deserved win after George Springer’s performance in the deciding game. With their first-ever World Series win, Houston fans need more merchandise than ever.

Ever since the World Series came to an end, the amount of merchandise for both the Astros and Dodgers has increased immensely.

The lengths people will go for the fandom are baffling. In fact, Houston gear has been flying off the shelves after their big win two weeks ago. Everything from hats to bats have been selling like crazy since the World Series. And the MLB is giving the fans what they want. Not only are jerseys, bobbleheads, and gloves the most popular merchandise this season, but the newest edition of Astros merchandise recently hit the shelves: jars of dirt from the winning field.

The MLB is selling jars of dirt from game seven of the World Series to Astros fans. The souvenir jars of dirt come from Dodger Stadium, where the Astros won the World Series in Los Angeles but stole the hearts of Dodgers fans everywhere. Although fans can purchase these small jars of what future generations of Houston Astro fans will call sacred ground, the initial prices are not cheap. The starting price of the jars is $49.99, but many bidders have raised that price upwards of $600 for just a jar of legendary dirt. Houston fans are dying to get their hands dirty in remembrance of one of the craziest World Series in baseball history.

Now, some fans may think that buying a jar of dirt from the field may be a bit excessive for the big World Series win, but for the most devoted fan a jar of dirt is the perfect souvenir.

Although the cost may be a little pricey, the memory of that game will quite literally last forever, and the ultimate Astros or general baseball fan will be able to keep this World Series win preserved for many seasons to come.

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