By Ericka Lacsamana | Staff Poet

Flowers that haven’t bloomed

Closed off from the world

Shying away not wanting to show their beauty

Flowers that haven’t bloomed

Maybe they were plucked too soon

If only they’d been given more time

If only someone wasn’t so selfish

They just plucked you away

It’s a crime,

Plucked before you got to see the brighter day

But precious flower, it’s okay

You are more beautiful than you’ll ever see

Just because your petals aren’t showing

Doesn’t mean we can’t see

The potential that you are, the potential you can be

It’s being used but not necessarily shown

May not have bloomed but you are definitely grown

Your color is still there

Your petals are still there

Your radiance is still there

You are still all there,

Your relevance is still there

You have all the same parts

Just not shown in the same places

You had the same start

Just didn’t end up in the same places

You had the same water

Just didn’t absorb it in the same places

Ignore the ignoring faces

They don’t deserve your beautiful graces

It’s a disgrace in the end

That no one can see

No one wants to be

The one who makes you feel like

You need to be more than just another beauty,

But as far as I can see

You’re more than unseen beauty

And it might be hard to believe but one day

You’ll see it truly

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