By Isabella Ferrante | Contributing Writer

Halloween is arguably one of the most exciting holidays of the year for Saint Mary’s students. This holiday is no longer just for young children to dress up and go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. College students everywhere have begun to take their Halloween celebrations very seriously. Because Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually celebrated at home with our families, Halloween is the only holiday that we get to celebrate with our friends on campus. For this and several other reasons, the Halloween season has become a favorite amongst students.

For many college students, Halloween is no longer a one-day affair. Instead, it has turned into “Hallo-weekend,” as we start our celebrations the weekend before Halloween, allowing us more opportunities to wear all of the fun costumes we have been brainstorming about for the past month. Many Saint Mary’s students decide to go to Berkeley, San Francisco, or other various colleges in the Bay Area. There are also some that decide to just stay in Moraga for their Halloween celebrations. There are so many do-it-yourself costume ideas all over Pinterest today that it can be difficult to choose just one. We love dressing up and coming up with multiple costume ideas, but it might seem like overkill to have two or three different costumes planned out. However, Halloween can actually give us a chance to show off our creativity, humor, or our love of the holiday. Picking out your costumes gives you a chance to showcase your amazing crafting skills or just have a fun night matching with your friends.

Many of us take advantage of improving our Instagram aesthetic during the fall with various photo opportunities. It is no secret that we love photo opportunities and the October season has many picture perfect ideas. The changing leaves and the beautiful sunsets at dusk can create a beautiful backdrop for your photos. I am sure your Instagram feed is already filled with smiling groups of friends at the pumpkin patch; however, there are many other more original ideas out there. Apple picking has become popular, but there are also other great photo opportunities right here on our campus. Saint Mary’s is gorgeous in the fall, when the newly red and orange leaves are scattered all around campus. With all of the beautiful architecture of our buildings on campus, it could create the perfect fall Instagram post so many of us are trying to capture.  Of course, at the end of month we will be seeing posts of everyone’s fun and creative costumes.

Personally, it starts to feel more like the holidays once I see decorations around. Decorating your room for Halloween is another fun activity that many students partake in during this time of year. If you walk through the hallway of any of the residence halls on campus right now, you may see doors festively decorated for Halloween. Some halls even get dedicated enough to the decorating process that their RAs hold door decorating competitions. This is a fun and simple way for students to get more into the holiday season and can even help one’s dorm room feel more like a home with the festive decor. If you are looking for any decorating inspiration, Target and Dollar Tree are perfect places to start to spruce up your dorm room, especially on a college student’s budget!

Another reason I think we all love Halloween is the feeling of nostalgia we get. Many of us have great memories from our childhood relating to fall and Halloween, and we love when we can bring those memories back. It can be a source of bonding between students to talk about their Halloween traditions as a child and realize that they did the same things growing up as their roommates did. College students use this time of year as the perfect excuse to watch our favorite childhood Halloween movies, such as “Hocus Pocus,” “Halloweentown,” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Because Halloween is falling on a Tuesday, it might be hard to find a fun and relaxed way to celebrate the holiday. If you are looking for a fun bonding night with you and your friends, I would highly recommend having a Halloween movie and baking night. I would head over to Safeway and pick up some festive Halloween cookies before using Netflix to watch a Halloween movie.

It’s safe to say that Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for college students. At a point over halfway through the semester, we need a reason to celebrate. Halloween activities are a great way to de-stress and relax after a lot of hard work. However you’re celebrating Halloween this year, make sure that you have fun and, more importantly, stay safe. Grab some friends, and have fun celebrating before it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas!

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  1. Isabella, loved this article, very well written and informative…..So proud of my oldest grandchild, love you forever………Nonna Lia……

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