By Ericka Lacsamana | Staff Poet

I am strong

I am clever

I belong

I forever

I am happy

I am sad

I can be sappy

I can be bad

I have rights

I can live

I have peaceful fights

I can give

I take

I forgive

I make

I continue to live

I am a woman

I am Gender binary

I am not a given

I am Cis-gender

I continue to live

I have a right to breathe

I have so much more to give

I have the right to be

I don’t have to explain

I have boobs

I also have a brain

I may confuse you

I may intrigue you

I am not here to amuse you

I am not here to abuse or 

be abused by you

Open your eyes

And take a good look

In a unique guise

But not one out of a book

Or a magazine, or a bill


And not in disguise

Don’t forget what you saw

Because that’s just the start

of  what you see

As you move forward

You’re going to see

More of me

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