by Sara DeSantis & Matt Ringard | Opinion Editor & Assistant Opinion Editor

Colleges across the United States are undergoing infrastructural and cultural changes as the green movement gains momentum. This is a positive step towards shifting the national, and hopefully even global, culture and attitude towards the notion of sustainability. It is a practice that must be learned, just as we have learned over a long period of time to consume and pollute (whether intentionally or not).

In the past few years, Saint Mary’s College has begun to participate in these infrastructural and cultural changes. This is part of an effort to help change the national trends of colleges – especially our own local behaviors, habits, and footprints.

This year saw the debut of the Green Living and Learning Community, which is based in Claeys South, right next to the Legacy Garden where many green-related activities and events take place. Part of the requirement for living in Claeys South as a member of the GLLC is to take a quarter credit course called Campus Sustainability, taught by Julie Welch, who cultivates and maintains the lovely Legacy Garden.

An integral part of the Campus Sustainability course (otherwise known Communication 190, for anyone interested) is the assignment of student projects. This column has been established as one of these projects, and while it is a part of our course, we have a much larger goal and intention: We hope to, on a regular basis, provide the community of Saint Mary’s College with facts, hints, suggestions, and other ideas related to sustainable living. We hope to disseminate information on how to foster a more environmentally-friendly way of life. Thus, each “Living Green” column will try to educate about pressing issues, suggest reasonable but important behavioral changes, and enlighten the Gaels (Gaelenlighten, one might say) on green living and the efforts of their fellow peers to become more sustainable.

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