By Madison Lattner | Staff Writer

Khalid Legend Robinson recently played at The Masonic in San Francisco on Thursday, Sept. 21. Best known for his vibey jams, such as his song “Location,” his concert was surprisingly upbeat. From the very start, Khalid made sure the audience was involved, often handing the mic off to audience members and dancing around the stage. The small venue definitely gave the audience their money’s worth and allowed them to be intimate enough to truly embrace the “Khalid experience.”

The show opened up with his upbeat song “American Teen,” which featured engaging lights and dancers. Khalid seemed to be having the time of his life performing, which made this concert experience even more captivating. He sang his way through his hit album, performing fan favorites such as “8TEEN,” “Saved,” and “Location.”

To the audience’s delight, he also performed some of his latest releases. His song “Silence,” which was a collaboration with DJ Marshmello, rocked the crowd with its catchy and eccentric sound. For the encore, Khalid performed his song “Rollin,” featuring DJ Calvin Harris, which was the quintessential summer feel-good song. To wrap up his night in San Francisco, Khalid wowed the crowd with the live rendition of “Young Dumb & Broke.” The audience was chanting every word to every song, which made the experience all the more incredible.

Khalid, originally from Georgia, was born on February 11, 1998. The young artist has been awing listeners since before his tour in 2017. Khalid studied musical theater and singing at Americas High School in El Paso, Texas and then began making music in 2005. In fact, the songwriter originally wrote the song “Location” to win prom king at his high school. His mother, one of his major inspirations, helped Khalid with the harmonies. Little to the future prom king’s knowledge, he would soon be in concert halls filled with fans who know every word.

This was Khalid’s first tour, and it sold out all 21 venues from the United States to Europe. Khalid, being only 19 years old, has had a ground-breaking career thus far. This past year, Khalid came out with the album “American Teen,” which contained hit after hit.

The whole album combines an R&B sound with a hint of the pop genre. You can hear how some of his inspirations, such as Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, and Chance the Rapper, have influenced the artist’s sound and lyrics. Having done collaborations with Calvin Harris, Logic, DJ Marshmello and Lorde, the young musician is well on his way to a Grammy or two.

Overall, Khalid put on an amazing concert. From the lighting to the venue to the set list, Khalid has outdone himself, especially for a first tour. Khalid truly blessed the Bay Area with his energy and talent. The fans are expecting a lot more from Khalid, so hopefully a new album and another tour is in the near future.

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