By Sarah Knebel | Business Manager

In the world of vast and complicated majors students dedicate themselves to during their college years, English is one that does not nearly receive the credit that it deserves. Many believe that a major in writing can either lead you down a path of teaching or publishing.

On March 28, the English department hosted their annual Career Night, where alumni and professors discussed their careers, how they obtained them, and most importantly, breaking stereotypes that are linked with the English major. Professionals working with Google, Pixar, Diablo Magazine, Girl Scouts of America, and many more were there presenting their career paths and how they became passionate about their jobs through the love of the written word.

For most of the alumni speaking, an English major was not expected when beginning their next educational chapter here at Saint Mary’s. Majoring in biology, theater, and sociology, all graduates started down a path that they believed was their destiny, only to be abruptly redirected to try something new – English. For most of the current English students attending, this described feeling was extremely relatable.

There was a sense of confusion and doubt when it came to their life paths, and the speakers made sure to make this struggle clear in order to comfort those who feel that their English major will leave them jobless and unable to swiftly move forward after graduation. After discussing their current professions and how they gained them, the students were given pieces of advice to ease their minds and spark that excitement that was once there when they decided to major in English.

The word of wisdom ranged from, “Just let things happen!” to “Take control of what you pick and choose when it comes to upcoming opportunities.”

Among the many words of inspiration, there were some that stuck out the most. At the end of a speech the audience was taught the difference between striving and perseverance. It was said that, “Striving is going to the highest mountain and trying to fly a kite. You can throw it in the air as many times as you wish, but if there is no wind, the kite will not fly. Perseverance is being patient and waiting for the wind to come, or going where the wind is blowing. When the time is right, you will throw your kite up and watch it soar.” This piece of inspiration affected the crowd, making everyone in attendance feel connected through their passion and sense of urgency to write and create things for the world to see.

English majors are individuals who are wired to understand meaning beyond meaning, and luckily they are able to focus and explore this gift.

The speakers at the English Career Night truly brought out the confidence within every student present, reminding each student that it is only time before their own wind comes by to take them off their feet, leading them to a new adventure — unraveling the world in ways that others cannot.

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