By Ramya Ramamoorthy | Staff Writer

The annual Spring Ball, which will be hosted by Gael Sisterhood, Gael Brotherhood, and the Residence Hall Association, will be held at the Soda Center on Saturday, May 13, and the theme is 24K Magic. Alexa Graziani, the President of Gael Sisterhood, explained that Spring Ball is a great way to get the Saint Mary’s community together for a night of fun while also donating to charity.

This year, one of the biggest differences is that students get to vote on which charity organization they would like their money to go toward. Once all the tickets are sold, the three co-sponsors will count the votes and decide which organization will receive a percentage of the money from the Spring Ball. If that’s not enough to get you to come to the big night, Alexa Graziani adds, “This year there will be delicious mocktails and desserts to enjoy when taking a break from dancing, as well as photo booths so guests can take pictures to remember the evening by.”

The three on-campus groups have been working hard on the Spring Ball. Sarah Chan, one of the Gael Sisterhood Special Events and Fundraising Chairs, explained that the brainstorming process for this event started in February and they are currently polishing their final work.

When asked about the process of planning this fun event, Sarah Chan explained, “We created committees so each of us can be in charge of something: there’s an [administrator], who oversees the whole process and lends a helping hand when needed, a food representative, who looks up possible food options and contacts Sodexo regarding the food we want, two representatives for promoting Spring Ball, creating posters, posting on social media, and helping with ticket deliveries, and two decorating representatives, who brainstorm ideas of how we can transform the Soda Center into a 24K Magic wonderland. The Gael Sisterhood Marketing Intern is creating a Snapchat filter so people can use the filter during Spring Ball. We meet once a week for about an hour to update what we have done for the week and go over what we have to do for the coming week.”

The planning for the Spring Ball has been thorough and extensive.

Despite the event being about two weeks away, the excitement for the Spring Ball has already started. Aedan Richter, a member of Gael Sisterhood, said, “I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends the most. I also am excited to see the decorations. I think they will be really classy and will hopefully live up to the theme.” Speaking of excitement, a lot of clothing stores are currently having their spring sales. This is the perfect time to buy a new outfit or to wear that dress that you never wore because you thought it was too fancy. Regardless of how you decide to dress up, Spring Ball is guaranteed to be a blast, so instead of living this experience through someone else’s Snapchat story, take a night off to experience some 24K Magic.


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