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Hunter Rappleye (Courtesy of smcgaels)

Hunter Rappleye (Courtesy of smcgaels)

All-American Scholar Hunter Rappleye has made a name for himself at Saint Mary’s College playing golf. From the tranquil town of Elk Grove, Rappleye began his golfing career at the young age of five. As golfing runs in the family, Rappleye displayed a knack for the sport at an early age, leading him to where he is now. After being recruited from Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, Rappleye began his collegiate career golfing for the Saint Mary’s Gaels.

Going into his senior year as a math major, Rappleye has stated that the best part about playing golf is being part of the Saint Mary’s team and winning the WCC Championships. “Winning was like being rewarded with four of my best pals, and getting a ring was pretty cool too.” Though golf is seen as an individualistic sport, Rappleye emphasizes how important it is to give his all to every match because it takes a team effort to get wins for Saint Mary’s.

During his limited free time, Rappleye enjoys getting to explore the places he travels with his buds on his golf trips and watching episodes of “The Office” on Netflix.

Contrary to popular belief, being a math major actually makes golf harder according to Rappleye. “You have to be free on the course, I always try to analyze the angles but it’s important to go in with a clear mind and enjoy the experience.” However, Rappleye’s selection as a Cleveland Golf/Srixon All-America Scholar by the Golf Coaches Association of America is a testament to his hard work in the classroom as well as on the course. He mentions that the greatest downside to being a math major with an athletic career is missing class. In his experience, this is mostly because missing one class can have a huge impact due to how demanding his major can be.

Though he will not be continuing his athletic career post-grad and is planning on pursuing a future with insurance, Rappleye hopes to finish out his last season strong. “We have a pretty good season this year,” he stated, “I hope to be able to help the team make it to the National Championships this year,” expressed Rappleye about the upcoming tournaments. If successful, this would be the third time in Saint Mary’s history that the golf team wins the tournament.

“Golf isn’t just about wearing khakis and walking around a course all day like people think. It can be mentally draining, but it’s also exciting and lively,” Rappleye answered upon being asked what people should know about playing golf. Though the season will be ending soon, be sure to catch Hunter and the golf team at their next tournament on Thursday, March 30, at Stanford.

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