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Taraji P. Henson was only one of the many striking figures to grace the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. (Courtesy of Pop Sugar).

Taraji P. Henson was only one of the many striking figures to grace the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. (Courtesy of Pop Sugar)

This year’s Academy Awards saw celebrities taking on a multiple different styles.

Best Dressed Actresses:

Speaking about “La La Land,” Emma Stone looked stunning dressed in Givenchy Haute Couture and Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Her ivory skin and red hair complimented this gold shimmering dress. The intricate details on the fringe gets Emma Stone on the Best Dressed list. Another actress that made history was Viola Davis. She is the first African American woman that has won an Oscar, Tony, and Emmy award. She made her red-carpet debut in a bright scarlet halter, off the shoulder dress. She was wearing Armani; this designer knew how to make this gorgeous custom made dress. Teraji P. Henson killed it on the red carpet. She wore a velvet, navy blue, off the shoulder, skin tight dress that fit her like a gem. Her simple diamond necklace was the perfect match for that gown. Octavia Spencer looked radiant in her silver Marchesa dress. The silk off the shoulder with the feather skirt went perfect together.

Best Dressed Actors:

John Legend looked snazzy in his fitted tuxedo and oversized bowtie. Loved this modern take on the typical tuxedo look. Justin Timberlake wore Tom Ford and looked good while doing it. The man knows how to pick an outfit. We cannot forget our beloved Mahershala Ali showed everyone how to pull off an all-black tuxedo. He posed perfectly for the pictures- it shows he was truly born for the camera.

Worst Dressed Actresses:

Halle Berry showed up in Atelier Versace Couture and Forevermark Diamonds. In my opinion the dress did not go well with her hairstyle. If she wanted to wear her hair this way she should have picked a simple dress and dressed it up with jewelry. The dress she chose has a lot going on with the over the shoulder and the mash up of metallic colors and sparkles. Unfortunately, Halle Berry ends up on the Worst Dressed list. Another shocking actress on this list was Scarlet Johansson. Her dress was very flowy which wasn’t the most flattering. In my opinion the pattern of the dress wasn’t pretty. The metallic belt addition to the chiffon, pinkish material wasn’t pleasing. Another actress on this list was Dakota Johnson. She wore a metallic yellow tone dress from Gucci. The silk, pleated high neck top wasn’t pleasing. Not to mention the bow that hung from the middle of her stomach down. Janelle Monáe came to the red carpet with an interesting gown. I think there was just too much going on with it since it had different patterns and a full skirt. It was as fashion risk that shouldn’t have been taken. Jessica Biel showed up in a silver and gold metallic gown. The colors changed depending on the direction of the material. I don’t think these two colors should be mixed together. The dress would have been gorgeous if it wasn’t for that color clash.

Worst Dressed Actors:

Now for an actor that was a bit disappointing as well was Ryan Gosling. The ruffle white shirt made him look as if he was going to prom in the 80’s. Gosling’s beautiful face can pull off a lot, but I think this year’s look was a no. Pharell William’s outfit was another disappointment. He wore a black suit with the jacket being extra-long in the back. He also wore layers of black pearls.

It seemed that there was a metallic theme at this year’s Oscars. Some knew how to pull it off better than others. However, it was a great red carpet to watch. Hollywood really knows how to shine bright and look good while doing it.

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