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Cassin Student Union, Dryden, and Cafe Louis will be renovated for the bar. (Gabby Vanacore/THE COLLEGIAN)

Plans for renovating Dryden Hall, Cassin Student Union, and Cafe Louis are to be implemented over the coming months. These renovations include the addition of space and the sale of alcoholic beverages within Cassin Student Union.

“The College has been developing a plan along with Sodexo to offer retail beverage service in Cassin, including the service of alcoholic beverages during the weekends,” said Jane Camarillo, the Saint Mary’s College Vice Provost for student life, over email. “The goal would be to…develop Cassin as a social space with retail service operated by Sodexo.”

“We’ll be putting a bar area in Cassin, and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we will be selling beer and wine in addition to food,” Susan H. Collins, the College’s Vice President for Finance and Administration, told The Collegian.

“There used to be a pub on campus,” Collins said, “and the alumni certainly miss it when they come back…it’s a fond memory for our alums.”

From 1985 to the early 1990’s, a pub known as the Mission Road Inn operated on campus in the Delphine Lounge. 

Collins confirmed that the renovations for the three dining halls would begin over the summer of 2018. “We’ll be starting renovations in Cassin and Cafe Louis shortly after graduation,” she said,  “and then we’ll be starting the renovations for Dryden in July.”

“We’re looking at some final designs in the middle of April,” Camarillo stated additionally.

“The goal would be to complete the renovations during the summer months and have the retail available as early as September 1, 2018,” Camarillo told The Collegian. “The timeline, however, will depend on the progress of normal requirements for renovations.”

“Our plan is to have [the renovations] done by the time school starts in the fall,” Collins confirmed.

Collins verified that the sale of food and alcoholic beverages on campus is “being run by Sodexo.” Additionally, Camarillo has stated that “Sodexo will follow the California Alcohol Beverage Control laws, rules and regulations on the sale and service of alcoholic beverages.”

“The operator of the pub will be Sodexo,” Camarillo told The Collegian, “and Sodexo will be required to follow the state and local laws covering the sale and service of alcoholic beverages.”

“No one can drink on campus in the pub unless they’re 21 years old,” Collins clarified. “So we’re not serving minors in the pub.”

Camarillo also confirmed that renovations aside from the sale of alcoholic beverages would include new furniture and new decor. “We’re making it much more a lounge area and trying to update things.”

“It’s really a refresh, so we’re…trying to make things more lively,” Collins said. “We’re making it much more of a lounge area for the students.”

The Collegian spoke over the phone with Maria Mata, the Associated Students President, about the plans for renovations, and she explained more details regarding the discussions and also some of the feelings of students she has heard from.

“I know they should have it done by September 1,” said Mata, “and then by next summer they are looking at having the outdoor space renovated as well. So, they are looking into adding new furniture, lighting, and tables with chargers on them.”

Mata, who this week will be attending a meeting with Camarillo, Wallace, Jennifer Herzog (Assistant Dean of Students), representatives from Sodexo, and members of the design team, mentioned student sentiment that has been voiced regarding the renovations.

“Some students are upset because they’d rather see that money go somewhere else, towards maybe the library or other initiatives,” said Mata. “But the school decided to do this project first.

Nonetheless, most students and alumni Mata has spoken to are excited.

“A lot of people are excited,” said Mata. “They want to see TV’s so they can showcase games. They want to have a pool table. They want to have finger food, or food that you wouldn’t see in Oliver or Cafe Louis.”

“They just wanted to make Cafe Louis and Cassin and Dryden more colorful,” said Mata. “It’s looking very dull right now.”

Look for the bar to be opened as soon as next Fall.

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  1. Call the the BARN!

  2. The Library passed over . . . Once again. The priorities just don’t seem right. And how much profit will Sodexo make in the sale of liquor, usually a high income source for vendors. Perhaps a % of the profits to the library?
    Jim Wood ‘70

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