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Netflix occasionally removes films and series in order to make room for new ones, but sometimes viewer favorites are lost in the process. (Courtesy of Digital Trends)

Netflix occasionally removes films and series in order to make room for new ones, but sometimes viewer favorites are lost in the process. (Courtesy of Digital Trends)

The word on the street is that Netflix is scheduled to remove some of its most popular shows. Even though the rumors have yet to be confirmed, this news fills our millennial hearts with sadness. Imagine logging into your Netflix account, clicking your icon, and seeing that all of your favorite shows are gone. Imagine that it was that show you just started and cannot stop watching; that show that has you on a roller coaster of emotions—all simply vanished.

If Netflix actually goes through with this idea, they are in for a big number of account cancellations. Having other alternatives such as Hulu, people will just change providers. After all, the main thing that makes Netflix popular is the abundant amount of series that they have. The movies are a small plus, but after seeing all of the romantic comedies that interested me, the movie section of my Netflix is never used. But, there are a few of my Netflix all time favorites you all should  binge watch before they take them away.

My number one recommendation is “Gossip Girl.” This show has been an all-time American favorite. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are two of the main characters that stole the fans’ hearts with Chuck’s charisma and Blair’s scheming brain. I am one of those fans that fell in love with their ongoing romantic relationship. We cannot forget the “it-girl” Serena Van der Woodsen. Her outfits and fabulous NYC life had a lot of young people watching her and wishing they were her. Nate Archibald and Dan Humphrey are the last two characters that had on and off love triangles with Blair and Serena. I promise you, the plot of this show will captivate you and you won’t be able to return to your life the same way. 

My second recommendation is “Grey’s Anatomy.” This show has been airing for over 12 years and currently has 13 seasons done. I warn you with this show there will be a lot of tears and a lot of heartbreak. Right when you get to love a character, Shonda Rhimes, the showrunner, will kill them off. You will go through a mourning period and right when you are recovered another major thing will happen. Do not let this discourage you, the hospital plots and new-death episodes are what will get you hooked. Start binge watching this show now because there are currently 12 seasons on Netflix and one airing on ABC.

My third recommendation is “Gilmore Girls.” If you have not watched this yet, please do. This is a beautiful show about a single mother Lorelai Gilmore that raises her daughter Rory in a small town. Lorelai has never had the best relationship with her wealthy parents because she was never able to fit into their image of the perfect daughter. Rory’s grandparents come back into her life when she wants to attend a prestigious high school and she reaches out to them for financial support. This ongoing story about two small town gals living in Stars Hollow have another life at Friday Night Dinners.

My fourth recommendation is “White Collar.” If you are into suspense, crime, and detective cases, this is your show. This show attracts a number of fans due to its romance, humor, and adventure. Neal Caffrey is an ex-con that is assisting the FBI department while being on a tracking anklet. He works alongside his sidekick Moz and FBI agent Peter Burke.

My fifth recommendation is “One Tree Hill.” This is a show that starts off with the main cast attending high school in a small town. Dan is a dad who has two sons, Nathan and Lucas. Dan married Nathan’s mom and created a family with her, abandoning his other son Lucas and his mother. The two boys are the same age at the same school trying to play basketball together.

Those are just my top five choices but trust me, Netflix currently has a lot to binge watch. Some other good shows include: “American Horror Story,” “Shameless,” and “Breaking Bad.” Take some time to yourself and watch your most beloved shows before they are gone. Hopefully this doesn’t end up happening, but just in case, it is better to take the proper precautions.

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