By Camilla Marais | Culture Editor

I’m going to be honest, the way I became a Jimmy Fallon fan is embarrassing. I was pacing through my local Safeway, craving something equally indulgent and original. I stumbled across Fallon’s Ben & Jerry’s flavor, “The Tonight Dough”, and figured it was worth a shot. This ice cream is the best thing I have ever eaten. Any man who married cookie dough ice cream, chocolate cookie swirl, and peanut butter cookie dough must be a good man. Thus, my relationship with the most entertaining man on TV began.

Let us explore all the many things that make Fallon the star he is. First of all, he got Barack Obama on his show. And not only that, but he got him to sing. Next, he did a rap-through-the ages video with Justin Timberlake with impressive rhythm and swagger. Also, he created the #Hashtag aspect of his show. From #MyTeacherIsWeird to #ThingsMyDadSaid, I have never seen my family laugh so hard at something in my life.

There’s almost nothing better than when he gets celebrities to let loose on his show. He’s competed with Liam Hemsworth in a cooler scooter race complete with beer hat. He lost to Kate Upton in her first-ever game of flip cup (I’m sure it was totally her first, for sure).

Harrison Ford pierced Fallon’s ear. I could end my article here, but I’ll keep going.

Fallon brings on the charm too. An article on Vulture says, “[Fallon] loves meeting fans so much that he’s kind of impossible to go out with.” According to his friend Mario Batali, a five-block walk can take an hour with Fallon. “He’s honestly interested and loves everyone and meets everyone, and smiles and takes every picture, and doesn’t put his head down and pretend he’s not out there, which a lot of my high-celebrity friends do,” says Batali. “He’s happy to engage with everybody, and I’ve never seen him in a hurry…or give them anything less than what they ask for. Which is a remarkable characteristic.”

The final major reason why Jimmy Fallon will always have a place in my heart: he’s down to earth. Besides hosting “The Tonight Show”, in his 20’s Fallon was doing what all of us are. From live-band karaoke, to seeing The Strokes in concert, to going nights on the town, and scrambling to pool together enough money for comedy shows, Fallon lived through his college years the best way he could. It is these experiences, the late nights, good friends, and cheap living, that have given him the life experiences that fuel his comedy.

To wrap this argument up, here’s my favorite J-Fallon story about his band, The Roots. 

Here’s how he got The Roots to be his band: In the planning stages for Late Night, Fallon’s friend, producer Neal Brennan, asked him what he was going to do for music. “[Brennan] goes, ‘You should ask the Roots,’” says Fallon. “I go, ‘You think the Roots would do my show?!’ He goes, “No, no, no, they won’t do it, but they know a lot of musicians from Philly that can come up.’” But Fallon couldn’t get the idea out of his head. He went backstage at a concert in L.A., did a cheerleader pyramid with the guys and pitched them the idea. Then he sent an email to their manager and didn’t hear back for a month, which he took as a no; it turns out they were just in Europe. Fallon met with them in Lorne Michaels’ office because he wanted to impress them, and gave them his spiel. “I remember Questlove was like, ‘Alright, I have two questions for you,’” Fallon says. “‘One, what if, like, Herbie Hancock’s in town, can he sit in with the band?’ I go, ‘Yeah. Of course he can sit in with the band.’ And he goes, ‘My other question is, this is Lorne Michaels’ office, why isn’t there popcorn here?’ And I’m like, Oh, he’s a comedy nerd! He knows that Lorne has this big basket of popcorn before SNL”.

In conclusion, from his ice cream to his music, Jimmy Fallon is a gift from above and we are all blessed to have him.

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