By Aedan Richter | Staff Writer

Museum of Ice Cream has been a great success as the exhibit puts a creative take on a classic dessert. (Courtesy of LiPo Ching/ Bay Area News Group)

The Museum of Ice Cream is indeed worthy of all of the hype. On Friday, Oct. 6, I got to experience this sold-out, pop-up museum in San Francisco that has everyone going crazy for ice cream. The museum was created inside of an old bank, a majestic building with tall ceilings and Roman columns that is now hot pink for the museum. The museum was a maze of rooms, one leading to the next, and did not allow you to turn back and re-visit rooms.

We started off walking down a hot pink staircase where we were stopped outside of an ice cream vault door and were made to say a pledge not to play with the cherries, hug the clouds, or squeeze the gummy bears. After the pledge, we walked into a celebration room that had ticket stubs inlaid on the ground, a wall of pink bubble gum, and a whipped cream ring toss.

The next room was set up like an old fashioned diner, where you could sit at the bar and eat a sample of ice cream while listening to music coming from a pink jukebox. The following room asked us to make a statement with pink magnetic letters covering the walls. Afterwards, we were given sparkling cherry cotton candy before entering a room with clouds and cherries hanging from the ceiling. We continued on our path to a garden full of large gummy bears, lollipops, and other candies where another photo-op awaited. At this point, I turned to my friend and said I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

The next room was covered in ice cream wall paper and large popsicles, from floor to ceiling, that you could sit and pose on. Following that was a rainbow room, which was one of my favorites because we got the opportunity to sit on a white unicorn with a gold horn and take a picture. Here, we were given mini-soft serve cones to sample while we waited in line. Then we could take turns going into the unicorn’s stable, which was a small closet of a room completely surrounded by small mirrors.

From there, we entered a pink rock climbing room with mats for a fun climb before entering the pop rocks room, where there was yet another photo-op as well as pop rock candy for consumption. Finally, there was the sprinkle pool.

While each Museum of Ice Cream is different, all of them have a sprinkle pool. It’s a medium-sized pool about four feet deep filled with plastic sprinkles that visitors can get into. For me, it was a little too crowded with random people for it to be all that fun, but it was still one of the more interesting things. I honestly can’t describe the feeling of sinking into a pool of sprinkles. It was what I imagine fun quicksand would be like. While my time in the sprinkle pool was short, there were lasting effects. My room ended up littered with sprinkles that night when I got undressed, and I even found one inside my watch band.

Lastly, a few more photo-ops with swings awaited before we were spit out into the gift shop exit. More than anything else, this museum was one photo-op after another, not that I’m complaining since I got so many cute pictures out of the whole experience.

Overall though, the thing that I appreciated the most about the museum was the attention to detail. Everything was so thought out, down to the different wallpapers and floor designs. I can’t remember a single boring or ugly moment. My two recommendations if you ever get a chance to go would  be to make sure you have plenty of storage on your phone for pictures and bring a good friend, so you can swap taking pictures of each other.

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