By Natasha Yerramilli | Staff Writer

Mr. Green Bubble brings delicious bubble tea to Walnut Creek. (Courtesy of Beyond the Creek)

Mr. Green Bubble brings delicious bubble tea to Walnut Creek. (Courtesy of Beyond the Creek)

Have you ever had boba before? If you have not, it’s the milky tea that you can see advertised throughout social media, as it has recently become trendy. Boba itself refers to a drink with tapioca balls in it. You can get teas, smoothies, or really any drink with tapioca balls in them. I thought it sounded interesting, but I wasn’t sure. All of my friends told me to try the drink, so I had it for the first time this month.

I went to Walnut Creek to try boba for the first time. This first-time  experience with boba wasn’t the greatest though, because I couldn’t get my boba through the thin straw I was given. To make up for this unfavorable first experience, my friends told me about Mr. Green Bubble, which is another boba shop in Walnut Creek.

A commonly recommended order at the shop is the double tea with boba. But, you have the option to choose many more combinations. You can get iced tea or milk tea with the option of including boba in your order. Two of my favorite orders here are the mango tea and Thai iced tea. Mr. Green Bubble has a huge menu with options for any palette.

The products here are really filling; I love the tapioca balls because they are so tasty, satisfying, and gushy.

The process of ordering is similar to ShareTea’s order process. When customers select their order, they have the option to different milks (this is also includes non-dairy options), the amount of ice in the drink, and sweetness level.

Walnut Creek is a cute town; the cafe is located on a beautiful street with many different stores. It is in a great area where you can hang out with friends. The shop itself has a wonderful ambience with lots of bright colors; it is very welcoming and has many places to sit. Mr. Green Bubble has a young, hip, fun, and welcoming feel to it. They have board games that you can play, such as Connect Four, and customers can stay as long as they want.

The tables are long, and all chairs are modern looking. It’s very filling and delicious, and the people are very friendly. From refreshing teas to decadent condensed milk drizzles, Mr. Green Bubble satisfies any craving. Overall, I had a great experience and had a lot of fun hanging out there. I would highly recommend it for any and all beverage lovers.

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