By Camilla Marais | Culture Editor

As a college student, I have an extensive repertoire of study music and playlists available for the entire year. From acoustic ballads to chilled electronic, there is always music playing to make cramming before class more bearable. While my study jam options are limitless, there are some days where soulful ballads distract more than they empower, and where vibey tunes just aren’t doing it for me. I find myself yearning for a certain sensation from the music, one that leaves me feeling refreshed, at peace, and ready to tackle the rest of my day. When I realized I need that, I turned to Loud Harp; specifically, I turn to “Hope When There Was None.”

The album is characteristic of the band, as they build upon their soft, indie, and contemporary sound. “Hope When There Was None” is Loud Harp’s third album and reflects the fine-tuning process of their signature sound. The most remarkable thing about the music is the lyrics, which draw from the historic and revered Psalms found in the Old Testament. When Loud Harp’s lead singer, Asher Seevinck, was asked why the Psalms are his lyrical inspiration, he shared, “I just love that they’re honest. They’re real.” It is this commitment to authenticity that sets Loud Harp apart from other groups. While all this rawness can sound intimidating and cage-rattling, the ambience and musicality of the group pairs this openness with beautiful sound, revealing the grace found in honesty and the peace that comes with it.

All of Loud Harp’s lyrics are interwoven with incredible detail, and “Hope When There Was None” is no different. When asked about what Loud Harp’s overall theme is, Seevinck shares, “I feel like it fits into our big message as Loud Harp. We want to communicate God’s peace and hope.” The headlining song, “Hope Where There Was None”, reads, “You’re a storm / Rush in like a flood / Overflow my banks / Dry dirt to mud / You’re life to my branches”. These metaphors illustrate the exhaustion felt by everyone at some point in their lives, especially those struggling through the real world for the first time. Loud Harp’s sound and artistry conveys a feeling of peace and rest. With 80’s pop influences and contemporary soundboards, the music is simultaneously classic and fresh. “Hope When There Was None” as an album has an incredible flow, both lyrically and musically. As Loud Harp’s words take listeners through the journey of pain, joy, and rest, the sound of the album is continual and immersive.

What I really appreciate about this album is the universality of the songs. While these lyrics were obviously written by those of the Christian faith, the beautifully composed songs can be directed to whoever, or whatever, gives the listeners peace. Overall, if you are looking for some tunes to meditate, study, or breathe to, Loud Harp’s “Hope When There Was None” provides perspective and peace for any hard moment.

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