By Adriana Avila | Assistant News Editor

On Friday, April 27, Saint Mary’s will have its first annual Night Market from 6:00-9:00 p.m. on De La Salle lawn. As many have criticized Saint Mary’s as being too quiet, the Night Market hopes to bring some much needed nightlife. It will bring student clubs together for an evening of live entertainment, interactive activities, and food.

This event is intended to model a typical night market one would see in cities like San Francisco. The purpose of this event is to get students out of their rooms and experience a fun time getting to know the people in their community.

The idea of having a Night Market at Saint Mary’s came from Yliza Yngayo ‘18, an executive member of the Asian Pacific American Student Association (APASA). “We were going over some goals we had for APASA during our meeting in the summer, and one of the goals we wanted to accomplish for this school year is to reach out and collaborate more with the Saint Mary’s community,” said Yngayo. Yngayo recalled why she pitched the idea of a Night Market: “I remember when I was visiting a friend at their school one evening, and my friend took me to their ‘night market’ event where a good majority of the clubs on campus were fundraising by selling different foods, drinks, and items. APASA thinks it would be a great idea to have [a night market], especially since nothing much happens on a typical Friday night here on the Saint Mary’s campus.”

Over 20 clubs and organizations will be participating. Some clubs that are participating are APASA, Sports Band, Spoon University, Gael Sisterhood, Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano (BFG), Pride Club, The Lounge, International Club, African Students Association (ASA), Gael Gaming, Red Cross, Best Buddies, Sports band, and many more. Many of these clubs will be selling various kinds of food; Sports band, in particular, will be selling alcohol.

The entertainment scene will be provided by various student clubs. KSMC, our campus radio station, will be DJing the event, The Lounge will provide a space for various forms of expression, and BFG will perform a traditional dance.

This event will provide an opportunity for students to see clubs come together for a shared night of fun. Things like this only happen a couple times during the year at events such as the Involvement Fair and Relay for Life. “Now for those who aren’t as involved in extracurricular activities, this is a great way to have fun on a Friday night ON-campus,” said Yngayo.

She emphasized on-campus because “usually we have these fun events during the weekdays and Community Time, but rarely on a weekend evening. This is to remind students that Saint Mary’s is not only great at providing students with quality education and faculty, but that our school is able to serve events that encourages the students to have fun and enjoy themselves.”

Noor Kanan ‘19, President of Gael Sisterhood, wants to take part in the Night Market because she is “interested in promoting the club and what we do.” Kanan noted that although Gael Sisterhood is one of the biggest clubs on campus, “We are always welcome to new members.” Kanan is excited that Saint Mary’s is having an event on a Friday night because “it gives students something to do.” 

The president of Spoon University, Sabrina Zehnder ‘19, is excited to see “the different art activities and opportunities for the Saint Mary’s community to take part in” and is excited to be part of the first night market.

Yngayo is looking forward to see the turn out. “I’m really hoping that a good amount of the Saint Mary’s community will come out and have fun,” she said. “I’m already excited from our first Night Market meeting and to see everyone so willing to make this event happen.”

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  1. Well-written article, Adriana. Hope this new event turns out even better than anticipated.
    Rose Silva King

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