By Aubrie McKeever | Staff Writer

People at Saint Mary’s need to slow down when they are driving around campus. There have been many times where I have tried to cross the street, but a car has nearly hit me. This has happened to my friends as well when drivers are not slowing down and letting the pedestrian pass, which is against federal law. Because of this dangerous driving, there has been an incident on campus where someone was actually struck by a vehicle. I remember seeing public safety come to the scene and hearing about it through word of mouth, which is extremely unfortunate. Students and faculty should not be worried about our safety because of reckless drivers here at Saint Mary’s. Serious action needs to be taken in order to prevent more students from being hurt, injured, or even worse, completely run over.

We have a very safe campus, but the only unsafe thing about our campus would be the drivers. When I walk around campus, it is easy to recognize that drivers are going 30 to 45 miles per hour, when the on-campus speed limit is 15. Because we are on school grounds, students should really slow down because lots of students need to cross the streets to get to their desired destinations on campus.

What is most shocking is when drivers don’t stop even when they see people attempting to walk across the roads. I have personally experienced this type of careless behavior, and I am then forced to hesitantly proceed walking, even when I know a driver has seen me on the side of the road. I know I am not the only one who has noticed the increase of impatient drivers around campus. There have been many incidents where people have been nearly struck by a car because they are about to cross the street and a driver decides to zoom right by them. Not only is this is super unfortunate, but it is also dangerous.

Hopefully, drivers will learn to slow down in parking lots and around all of campus. This would help make our campus safer, and students would no longer feel as if they need to be on the alert for reckless drivers. In order to make sure people are obeying traffic laws on campus, Public Safety should start ticketing students who are driving above the speed limit. The problem is not that people are unaware of their fast driving on campus grounds. The problem is they are purposely driving too fast and blatantly ignoring the speed limit laws. Therefore, there needs to be serious consequences for this behavior. If it takes Public Safety to give tickets to drivers driving too fast to finally get people to hit the breaks, then that must be what is done.

This threat would make it so students would have to slow down because no one wants to pay the price of a ticket on a college student budget. Because students know there are no punishments, they feel they have the right and freedom to drive at whatever speed they choose, and they avoid following the 15 mph speed limit sign. Hopefully, Public Safety can be more on the lookout for drivers driving too fast, start ticketing people, and keep our whole campus safe.

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  1. “We have a very safe campus, but the only unsafe thing about our campus would be the drivers. ”
    This is pretty messed up, given how many sexual assaults have happened on campus. Maybe you should try and put things into perspective. Can’t believe the collegian continues to publish these garbage hot takes.

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