By Farhat Desai | Contributing Writer


if they won’t let us dream
i say we won’t let them sleep
we will speak till they finally see
that this is also our land
the land of the brave and free

we have worked too hard. in the shadows
for dreams they won’t let us keep

they tell me to go back home
but they don’t know
that my home too
is red white and blue

and although our pasts were filled with turmoil
and a lack of assurance
it is the security of this country that gave us hope
a place that fosters the American endurance

imagine a never ending challenge
a struggle so intimate
many failing to relate
yet we keep our heads high. our pride strong
enriching the American narrative
a testimony of our utmost faith

they call DACA a “free handout”
they tell me. to stop living on a “free handout”
if it is a “free handout” then why do i still feel oppressed?

it is oppressive to suppress the voices of those
that have worked hard. earned hard. now it is your turn to start

start with your voice to shut down the opposition. spread the word. console a Dreamer. show them your support and position

from adolescence all we have known is America
America that watered. nurtured. cultivated us to full bloom

i dare say my accomplishments are equal
my labor is equal
my love is equal
and our dreams won’t be delayed

yes, indeed. we are here to stay.


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