By Camilla Marias | Culture Editor

This summer, I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of spending six weeks abroad. As I explored overseas, I indulged in the cuisine, lifestyle, and culture of another world. I loved every second of this, but as someone who thrives on routine, I found myself craving consistency in some part of my days. When I’m home, my regular morning runs give me the sanity to get through whatever my week throws at me. While travelling is more about pleasure and less about stress, I found my body and mind missing that constant release and rejuvenation.

This is where Sworkit came in. I discovered the app through my soccer-crazy cousin, who wanted to keep up his training during a family vacation. Until Sworkit, I had tried to get my fix through gym days and runs. After a while, I was tired of finding a partner to run with and equally done with forking over $15 every time I wanted to hit the gym.

Sworkit was a free download (a premium option is available for a very reasonable $2.50) and I could not wait to give the app a try. At first, I was honestly a bit skeptical. Could my phone really give me a challenging workout, and most importantly, would it keep my attention long enough to make me feel like I was doing some serious exercise?

The answer to these two questions, as I would soon discover, was yes and yes. I wanted to do some strengthening exercises, and was pleasantly surprised to see such a range of workouts available. Easing into Sworkit, I decided to do a lower-body workout. The app allows you to set the time of your workout, and divides it into one-minute intervals with fifteen second breaks and, every three minutes, a thirty second break. I pressed start, and prepared myself for whatever came.

I thoroughly enjoyed my workout. Before each interval, there was a visual of the correct form and pace of the exercise. The app counted down the seconds to each move, and gave me 10 second warnings before the exercise was coming to an end. At the end of the workout, Sworkit let me know how many calories I burned—another added bonus. This app felt very personalized, while also offering a broad range of workout possibilities. Excited, I quickly started an abs workout, followed by a full body and a glutes-focused session. Before I knew it, I had done a 40-minute HIIT session, all from my iPhone.

The weeks that followed contributed to this exciting journey. From cardio to yoga, stretching to strengthening, all of my fitness dreams and desires were at my fingertips. For busy students, broke fitness fans, or those who like exercising in the comfort of their own room, Sworkit offers fitness programs ideal for anyone, anywhere.

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