The Collegian is the official newspaper of Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California. We report on campus news and events, cultural activities around the San Francisco Bay Area, opinions of all topics near and far, and athletic events that are important to the Saint Mary’s community.

Founded in 1903 when Saint Mary’s College was still located in Oakland, The Collegian is the longest-running student organization in Saint Mary’s history and is one of the oldest private college newspapers on the West Coast. In its current form, The Collegian publishes an 8-page half-color tabloid newspaper every Tuesday with a circulation of 1,000. The print issue is printed by Folger Graphics in Hayward. The majority of The Collegian’s funding is allocated from Student Involvement and Leadership and the Associated Students of Saint Mary’s College Senate, with the remainder supported through advertising. All executive and editorial positions receive stipends. Many previous writers and editors have continued into successful careers in journalism and have been placed at NBC News, KTVU, Pearson, the Valley Sun, and the Oakland Tribune, among others.

Saint Mary’s students are welcome to contribute to The Collegian at our weekly storyboard meetings every Monday at 6 p.m. in Dante 113.

Editorial Staff 2017-2018 

Note: The best way to contact the staff is to use our Contact page or to email staff@stmaryscollegian.com.


Gabby Vanacore

Gabby is a senior English major and Communication minor from El Dorado Hills, CA. She also works as a Writing Advisor at CWAC. Her passions include literature, traveling, pugs, and the color teal. When not on campus, she can be found in Lake Tahoe, at home with her three dogs, or at Chipotle. After graduation, Gabby hopes to land a career in editing or publishing. Articles by Gabby 




Dean Boerner

Dean is a senior Economics and Finance major from Pacific Grove, CA. He is the play-by-play broadcaster for the Saint Mary’s baseball team, once shot an 87 over 18 holes of golf, and enjoys walking on the beach with his Siberian Husky-Alaskan Malamute, A$AP Versace LeBron Jr. Articles by Dean 




Jacob Turnrose
News Editor

Jacob is a Politics Major and Theology and Religious Studies minor. He co-leads a Collegiate Seminar class and leads a Bible study for first-year men. Jacob loves talking to people about literature, theology, and (sometimes) current events. On campus, he can be found at the library circulation desk working or up in the hills near the Tree of Life. Off campus, he can be found in his room in Oakland, fast asleep at 10pm or at 7:30am daily mass at Saint Jarlath’s parish. Articles by Jacob   



Marshall Lymburn
Opinion Editor

Marshall is an English major with a minor in Philosophy. He is a near-obsessive downhill skier, avid reader of fiction, and a home coffee-roasting enthusiast. Marshall is a member of the Bay Area Mycological Society and has continued to forge for mushrooms every winter since 2009. After Saint Mary’s, he aims to pursue journalism. Articles by Marshall




Sarah Knebel
Opinion Editor

Sarah is an undergraduate student here at Saint Mary’s devoting her time to a major in English. She holds the Opinion Editor position on our staffing team and enjoys engaging with the SMC community to make sure everyone’s voices are heard on campus. In her free time, Sarah enjoys taking day trips, listening to music, finding new places to eat, and hanging with friends and family. Articles by Sarah 




Kali Kushner
Culture Editor

Kali is a senior English major and Law minor aspiring to pursue her masters in Library Science after graduation. When she isn’t pouring over her Norton Anthology, Kali can be spotted shelving periodicals in the library or feeding squirrels cookies from Oliver. Outside of school, Kali enjoys long naps in her bed, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and taking pictures of her pet rabbit, Ollivander. Articles by Kali 



Maureen Thaete
Culture Editor

Maureen is a senior and an English major who is brand new to The Collegian. She also works at the Museum of Art on campus and is a DJ for KSMC. Her greatest interests are art and snacks. Articles by Maureen 




Kimberly Paschal
Sports Editor

Kimberly is a senior accounting major from Tracy, CA. Kimberly loves sports and grew up playing softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and even gymnastics for one year. When she isn’t writing about sports, you can find Kimberly in Assumption Hall as the Resident Advisor on the 2nd floor, giving tours as a Student Ambassador in the Admissions Office, and working as a Student Assistant in the Office of Residential Experience. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys watching sports, especially the Oklahoma City Thunder, hanging out with friends, and binge watching shows or movies on Netflix. Articles by Kimberly


Tyler Bindi
Sports Editor

Articles by Tyler 

Tyler is a senior Communication major and Business Minor from San Jose, CA. He is the host of the popular KSMC sports radio show Full Court Press, and broadcasts Saint Mary’s baseball games with his partner, Dean Boerner. When Tyler isn’t on air you can find him playing center field for the club baseball team or putting up lower scores on the golf course than Dean.



Elizabeth Magno
Chief Copy Editor

Elizabeth like cats, coffee, and french fries. In this specific order. She is not an ordained minister.  Articles by Elizabeth




Terrilyn Ho
Copy Editor
Articles by Terrilyn

Salutations, this is Terrilyn Ho, our copy editor for this 2017-2018 school year. She hails from San Francisco, the land of hipsters and techies. In her spare time, she enjoys writing conspiracy theories about loved ones, being a music snob, and officiating weddings (yes, she is an ordained minister). She is a Psychology major with a minor in Business and is a junior this year. One of her biggest aspirations in life is to find the perfect bowl of ramen. 


Kristen Geibel
Chief Photographer

Kristen is your go-to for all things photo on the Collegian staff! She is a junior, Allied Health Science major who enjoys long walks in the mountains rather than on the beach. Right now she is studying to go med school, but someday Kristen would like to hike the Camino de Santiago through Europe.







“To act upon one’s convictions while others wait,
To create a positive force in a world where cynics abound,
To provide information to people when it wasn’t available before,
To offer those who want it, a choice—”

—Ted Turner