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Noah Mcdermott began the season with a win in Nevada. (Courtesy of

Three-time Muscle Milk Athlete of the Week Noah McDermott is off to his last season on the Cross Country and Track team. McDermott, a senior Kinesiology: Sports & Recreation Management major from Tahoe City, Calif., is looking forward to his goals for this final season.
Last year, McDermott finished in second place in every cross country race for the Gaels. For track season, McDermott ended the regular season by setting a new Saint Mary’s record in the 3,000-meter steeplechase with a time of nine minutes and 5.13 seconds. Despite McDermott’s record-setting regular season, he did not finish the post-season as he had hoped. During the NCAA Regionals, while running the 3,000-meter steeplechase, McDermott was having the race of his life. On the very last hurdle, he clipped his knee and managed to save himself from falling, but he slowed down significantly. His stumble ended up being the difference between qualifying and not qualifying. McDermott sees this stumble as fuel to the fire.
This season, McDermott’s goal for cross country is to finish All-WCC and All-Region, place higher than ever as a team, finish in the top four in the WCC conference, and finish in the top 12 in regionals. For track season, McDermott hopes to make it back to the NCAA Regionals and qualify for the 3,000-meter steeplechase.
As a native of Tahoe, McDermott finds running and water activities to be one of the best parts about his hometown. He said, “Running is one of the best parts of Tahoe because there are so many trails; growing up there was the best and I even have a tattoo of Tahoe on my ribs.” McDermott enjoys plenty of water activities and beach time in the summer but is not too fond of shoveling snow in the winter: something he says no one really likes to talk about.
During McDermott’s high school years, his decision to come to Saint Mary’s seemed relatively natural. After getting to know the team and sitting in on a class, he felt part of the Gael community and knew the second he left campus that Saint Mary’s was the place for him. Like many Gaels, McDermott loved the overall atmosphere of the College, but he was especially attracted to how much people cared, as well as the knowledge that he would not just be another number on campus. Now, as a senior, McDermott sees life as a Gael coming full circle. He loves how easy it is to get connected and find a niche on campus. Most importantly, McDermott loves how accepting the Saint Mary’s community is, which is a very unique quality to the college, according to McDermott.
As a student-athlete, McDermott is an extremely busy person on campus. A day in the life of Noah McDermott usually entails waking up and running 10 miles. Then, he goes to class or his internship at UC Berkeley Rec Sports where he works in the marketing and communication department. McDermott takes time to slow down with a quick nap and then picks right back up with running another five or so miles at practice. He finally ends his day by eating dinner and then taking on his duty as the Resident Advisor (RA) in Aquinas Hall on the fourth floor. He notes, “the job of an RA is extremely tim-consuming and challenging, but it’s worth it when you make connections with your residents and have the ability to make a first-year student’s experience better.” McDermott added, “Creating community [within a residence hall] is hard, but once it happens it’s one of the most rewarding feelings, like winning a race, but probably harder.”
When McDermott isn’t running an eight- or 10-kilometer race, conquering the 3,000-meter steeplechase, or taking on the outdoor or indoor 5-kilometer event, he can be found enjoying Thai food and boba, binge-watching “The Office” for the third time, or laughing at “Master of None.” As the Winter Olympics near, McDermott is excited to see alpine skiing, especially because Tahoe, his hometown, is home to many Olympians and Olympic hopefuls.
As McDermott’s time at Saint Mary’s comes to an end, his last task to accomplish is to get confirmed. Upon committing to Saint Mary’s, McDermott promised his mother he would get confirmed before graduation, so we can look to see McDermott as part of the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) program. As graduation nears, McDermott’s plans for the future include getting a master’s degree in England and running for a college there. McDermott’s ultimate goal is to become a Division I head coach for Cross Country/Track and even to become an Athletic Director at some point.
Until then, you can find McDermott running around campus with the Cross Country and Track team.

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